• Downtown Market Report w/ Covid-Related Data Analysis

    John Eckley | May 28, 2021

    We’ve just released special edition of our 1st Quarter Downtown Market Report.  As commercial brokers, we have access to a powerful tool called Placer.ai that allows us to analyze anonymous cell phone and credit card data over time.  Using this data, we were able to compare the last quarter to Q2 2020, when Covid was

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  • 3 Things You Might Not Have Known About a Triple Net Lease

    Jonathan Aceves | May 4, 2021

    For investors looking for a long-term steady source of income with minimal risk, a triple net lease offers a promising prospect. Unlike double net leases, which require tenants to pay some degree of the rented property’s maintenance costs, real estate taxes, fees, and property insurance, a triple net lease requires the tenant to pay all

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  • Augusta Economic Overview

    Jonathan Aceves |

    Why Augusta? Augusta, Georgia, is enjoying a renaissance that looks to continue for the long term. The city is recognized globally as a cybersecurity capital, thanks to the relocation of the U.S. Army Cyber Command headquarters to the region’s already significant military presence at Fort Gordon. Then there’s its well-deserved international reputation as a health

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  • Industrial Basics – Why Care About Ceiling Height?

    Jonathan Aceves | April 3, 2021

    You’ve probably seen ceiling height called out in listings for warehouses and manufacturing buildings. But why should that number matter to you?   What is “clear ceiling height”? “Clear ceiling height” is the height at which product can safely be stored on racking. It’s also defined as the height of a building from the floor to the bottom of

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  • 4 Reasons why you benefit from Exclusive Representation in Commercial Real Estate

    Jonathan Aceves | December 18, 2020

    In a commercial real estate transaction, a seller can leave a lot of money on the table if the buyer is well represented and they are not.  Worse still, the seller may look to the buyer’s broker for advice and mistakenly believe that they are being represented and receiving advice that is in their best

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  • What is a rent roll and how do you use it?

    Jonathan Aceves | December 4, 2020

    For commercial and multifamily investors, no two documents are more fundamental to understand an investment than the Rent Roll and the Operating Statements. We will be studying the rent roll, looking at some case studies, and hopefully improving our due diligence process. So what exactly is a rent roll? A rent roll is a list

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  • Evans Georgia Outparcel Market Report

    Jonathan Aceves | November 2, 2020

    Evans, Georgia is not only the best place to live in the United States according to Money Magazine, but also a great place to conduct business.  If you are looking to locate your business in Evans, here’s some information that may help you as you search for a location. From 2019 to 2020, the price

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  • Industrial Basics – Roll-Up Door Considerations

    Jonathan Aceves | September 10, 2020 | 1 Comment

    If you are interested in buying a warehouse or industrial building there are a few critical items to familiarize yourself with. Roll-up Doors are a defining feature of  industrial buildings, and it’s important for users and  investors to know some the details regarding their selection, use, and construction. What are different kinds of industrial building

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  • History and Overview of Downtown Augusta’s Olde Town Neighborhood

    Jonathan Aceves | August 28, 2020

    The Olde Town Neighborhood is located in Downtown Augusta, between 5th Street and East Boundary, and from the River to the Cemeteries on Watkins Street.  Originally known as “pinch gut” the neighborhood was originally built in 1737 as the original neighborhood of Augusta.  Almost the entire neighborhood was burned in the great fire of 1916,

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  • Why 3D Virtual and Video Tours are Critical in Marketing Commercial Real Estate Right Now

    Jonathan Aceves | July 29, 2020

    In the post-pandemic world, ensuring that your commercial property can be toured and understood remotely is essential for it to compete in the marketplace.  Due to the Pandemic, tenants are increasingly wary of letting strangers walk through their buildings–this is especially true for multifamily and office. 3d and virtual tours are the best way to

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