Property Management

Our property managers carry over 50 years of combined experience and manage over one million square feet of prime retail and office space. We recognize that your property is an investment and seek to enhance the property value by making improvements that will increase your investment portfolio.

Development Services

We develop residential and commercial properties, and have good relationships with trustworthy engineers, architects, contractors, bankers, attorneys, CPA’s, etc. We can manage your project for success by selecting and coordinating a highly-qualified team for you!

Property Marketing and Sales

We listen carefully and build strong, lasting relationships, which are essential to us doing good and meaningful things for you. And then, we harness powerful technologies for you – to find and analyze properties for purchase, and to promote and market properties for sale.

Property Planning and Consulting

We are here to help you consider what you want to achieve with property – your financial and personal goals. Our decades of experience will help create a powerful plan to reach those very special goals.